e1t1.com, a web-based company developing digital content and tools to empower users through music, launched iMusicWeek.mu, on Dot MU, the global music network so that readers will have access to the best and latest on interactive and Net music and on the leading edge of how music and media are changing our world.

The company is headed by Gary and Angela Wollman, a.k.a. Siren & Sage, interactive music specialists who's independently produced music video, "Love Is The Key," played worldwide and listed in Billboard's Clip List. Siren & Sage have been working with young people in NYC schools using live concerts and music-based programs to counter hatred and violence, promote media literacy and encourage media activism. "A greater understanding of these issues will enable us all to collectively attain a better quality of life in today's global world. Interactive media and new technologies can and should be designed to facilitate these goals - this is the promise of the digital world, " according to Co-founder and CEO Gary Wollman, a.k.a. Sage.

e1t1.com's "ImusicWeek is leading the fray in the music media activism space and will continue to bring our readers fresh, new and interesting perspectives along with lots of news about Net and Interactive music and how it's being used to raise consciousness and create change," said Angela Wollman, President of e1t1 and Siren-in-Chief of iMusicWeek.

Randy Acker, VP Def Jam, Robert Holt, COO Webnoize and X-Mgr. Strategy and Business Development at SONY, and Ali Akansu, PhD. Professor, Computer and Electrical Engineering,New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Director New Jersey Center for Multimedia Research all sit on e1t1.com's board. To register for free newsletter, or for more information, contact:

angela@e1t1.com, phone/fax: 718-380-0521.