MUSIC-DRIVEN EDUCATIONAL SITE has established a relationship with Columbia University's Institute of Learning Technologies (ILT) to effectively test-bed and distribute their innovative music-driven, educational website, currently under development. ILT is a development group using digital information resources to further progressive reform in education and society. ILT will support’s development project through digitizing assets and distributing the unique site to over 30,000 students and 1,500 teachers in 80 schools throughout NYC and Upstate NY.

Both Gary and Angela Wollman, CEO and President of, respectively, have gone through great lengths to find the best overall environment in which to launch their new concept. “We felt the intellectual community at Columbia’s ILT was of the highest integrity, had all the elements in place to effectively test and distribute our site - and perhaps, most importantly, had values closely aligned with ours." ILT and the Center for Collaborative Education’s (CCE) Eiffel Project has recently won a 7 million dollar Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education supporting the project’s efforts to demonstrate how a creative new vision for technology can break the constraints of the traditional school - thereby enabling all children to achieve unprecedented levels of excellence. “ILT would like to work together with e1t1 in order to help achieve our goal to dramatically improve the educational experience as well as raise the awareness of children who are in need of these programs,” states Professor Robbie McClintock, Co-Director of ILT and an intellectual Historian interested in the effects of  changes in technology on education and culture.’s breakthrough site will employ music, media and technology to help young people become better informed about issues that really impact them.  “A greater understanding of these issues on an individual basis, will enable us all to collectively attain a better quality of life in today’s global world. Interactive media and new technologies can and should be designed to facilitate these goals - this is the promise of the new world. will help lead the way” according to co-founder and CEO Gary Wollman.’s mission is to use the power of technology -  through music, video, computer and the internet - to promote a greater sense of humanity, especially among young people; creating a strong online brand

Contact (718)380-0521 LAUNCHES "iMusicWeek," newsletter tracking interactive and net music with focus on Gen Y, a web-based company developing digital content and tools to empower users through music, will launch, on Friday, September 24th, 1999, the web's first newsletter to track interactive and net music and provide exclusive commentary on music, society and evolution, with a focus on Gen Y, in particular.

The company is headed by Gary and Angela Wollman, a.k.a. Siren & Sage, interactive music specialists who's previous music video, "Love Is The Key," played worldwide and listed in Billboard Clip List and have been working with young people through NYC schools to counter hatred and violence and promote media literacy.
"iMusicWeek" will track the latest interactive and internet music developments, deal with issues about music's affect, role and power in society and focus, particulary on these topics in relation to the Gen Y demographic. is engaged in a number of projects that allow users to interact with exclusive animated music video content and customize their experience with personal publishing tools, all within a convergence of entertainment, learning and shopping. is working with Columbia University's Institute of Learning Technologies (ILT) to develop content and programs for students ages 8-22. Robert Holt, Manager Strategy and Business Development, SONY, Corp. and Ali Akansu, PhD. Professor, Computer and Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Director New Jersey Center for Multimedia Research both sit on's board.
If you would like to receive a free copy of the newsletter, or for more information, contact:, 718-380-0521.