e1t1 To Launch Music-Driven, Interactive, Educational, Web Site
Each One Teach One Media (e1t1), a New York City based interactive music media start-up company, has recently completed the selection process for their management and development teams. The production of an online, music-driven, educational prototype program is now in progress. Key personnel includes the founder of PointCommunications (Top 5% of the Web, bought by Lycos), the creator of Microsoft's Sidney Sidewalks and Executive Producer , Network MSN's Australian Operation, former Senior Producer of AOL's The Hub, and former Web Developer for Muffin-Head Productions and Network / Telecommunications Manager of N2K.

The program will use original music composed and produced by CEO, Co- Founder, Gary Wollman, whose Love Is The Key song and video has been frequently rotated on radio, T.V. and cable stations worldwide from South Africa to Eastern Europe and South America and listed on Billboard's Clip List. The music serves as an interactive proscenium, bracketing various scenarios yet to be performed. e1t1 is creating a context-rich online media experience with lots of room for host/user cross-talk and interaction. "e1t1 is excited to be impeccably positioned, at the right time, in front of very strong converging trends with products and services that use the power of music to help fulfill the promise of new technology," says Angela Wollman, Co-Founder and President. "We are creating something to both excite and empower young people at the same time, and that, within itself, is enormously fulfilling."