JAY RAJANI, Research Manager
Jay Rajani is a fourth year student of Political Science at PACE University and was recruited by e1t1 for his diligence and ability to research the web and wide range of topics and comprehensive information that is a crucial component to the e1t1 site concept. At PACE, he was President of PI GAMMA MU INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY and is currently President of the PACE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB, Technology Editor and Operations Manager for the PACE PRESS and Chair of the Committee for web page development. His experience includes a stint with the MINING COMPANY where he worked on their home page research engine, verified results of search with files on server and browsed the MINING COMPANY web page to authenticate search results. In the Fall of 98, Jay was a participant in the MODEL U.N. Program, where he engaged in activities which modeled those that might take place within the United Nations, including conducting extensive research on Tunisia and South Africa. Jay will complete a web internship for the NYC PUBLIC LIBRARY in the Spring of 99, updating web pages and conducting research of related resources. e1t1's ability to develop the innovative ideas and programs planned.