LARRY BURNETT, Senior Producer
Larry Burnett comes to e1t1 with vital experience in web-music production management. He was Senior Creative Producer at AOL's The Hub. Larry was responsible for the multimedia production of Shockwave content including Rock N' Tration, The Year in Hub Music, Spiceworld, and The World of Pearl Jam. Larry also edited multimedia articles Electronica '98, Irish Pub Crawl, In Your Ear, and Your Take, and was involved in the production of interactive games, Fantasy Rock & Roll, and (Do Not) Kill the Rock Star. Previous to AOL he was the Senior Producer for Adler Boschetto Peebles Interactive where he was responsible for the production and creative direction of CBS cable's country .com,, Music Module, and Larry also brings his experience in leading projects and conducting research at the Library of Congress for clients in the entertainment industry to the table.