The goal of almost all service companies is to expedite the satisfaction of a customer's request. If one thinks of ecommerce service companies as a pay-to-play help desk, e1t1 can attract and retain customers based on custom products and services provided. Members and users can:
Download Custom CD Compilations From a Database
Purchase Relevant Resources and Products
Get Online Answers Regarding Programs & Topics From Live Human Beings
Access Distance Learning Programs
The trend in ecommerce has been toward using niche services, content and communities as branded portals to drive traffic. e1t1 will provide an opportunity through this model to market quality cultural, educational and entertainment products.

e1t1 has started a company with little more than some songs, a vision and a dream. It will be an industry-wise person who takes this vision and runs with it. With adequate financing, e1t1's focus fully leverages the core content that it has already developed. The company's strategy for growth includes:

Strategic Alliances
Joint Ventures