The thoughts and emotions evoked by the music content creates a need to share and express newfound insights and opinions gleaned from the e1t1 experience. Communities will naturally aggregate as an immediate way to fulfill this need. e1t1 uses content to create context for a true international community.

Communities established will include:

A Collection of Homepages On A Similar Theme
Biweekly Newsletter From The Moderator
Regularly Scheduled Chats and Conferences & Forums
Free E-Mail With Affinity Addresses
Polls, Petitions, Buddy Lists and E-Cards
From Peaceniks to Rockers to Ravers or Hip Hoppers, members are driven by musical styles and content topics to form themed communities. These virtual communities aggregate special interest audiences who trust each other, (instead of some monolithic authority or brand). They are encouraged, through the site environment, to act together, positively, for the greater good, using new shared information and perspectives, to achieve worthwhile goals.

The entire community site plan incorporates online human expert guides appointed within each niche genre. While songs provide a medley of topics, attracting hundreds of niche interests, communities aggregate through chat discussions and issues raised by content. This allows e1t1 to gain user loyalty and web brand name.