ALI AKANSU, Technical Advisor
Ali Akansu, Director of the NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR MULTIMEDIA RESEARCH (NJCMR) and Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (NJIT), holds a B.S. degree from the Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey and M.S. and Ph.D degrees from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, N.Y., all in Electrical Engineering. He was an academic visitor at IBM T.J. WATSON RESEARCH CENTER and at GEC-MARCONI ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS CORPORATION and serves as a consultant to the Industry.

Dr. Akansu is currently researching signal theory, linear transform theory (subband & wavelets) and algorithms, image-video compression and multimedia networks, signal processing techniques for digital communications, communication networks and Internet technology. He has published, co-authored and edited many papers and books on block, subband and wavelet transforms and their applications in image and video compression and digital communications.

He was an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing and is currently a senior member of IEEE Signal Processing Society, where he sits on both the SIGNAL PROCESSING THEORY AND METHODS and MULTIMEDIA SIGNAL PROCESSING Technical Committees. Recently, Dr. Akansu co-organized the 7th NJIT Symposium on CONTENT SECURITY, DATA HIDING and WATERMARKING, April 1999. He is a highly accomplished, competent and well respected advisor in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering and an invaluable member of e1t1's technical advisory team.