ANGELA WOLLMAN, Co-Founder/President
Angela Wollman is the director of Humanifest Unity. She has created and developed many of the ideas for the programs, products and services to be implemented through e1t1. Her background includes varying experience in the areas of music writing, arranging, recording, performing and video production, as well as in fitness and health consulting and business management. In 1990 Angela was responsible for the start-up of the Community Center at the Flushing YMCA of Greater New York. From 1990-1995 her successful independent consulting firm, Personal Best Express, provided corporate fitness programs for companies such as IBM and Johnson & Johnson Health Management as well as personal fitness training for dozens of private clients. Her company, Wollman Worldwide successfully marketed health, wellness and personal care products in new, developing markets including Europe, Asia and South America. A graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz, Angela holds a degree in applied music with a strong background in dance. Singer/performer Siren, of Siren & Sage, she has helped further the cause of non-violence and peace among young people througout the New York City public schools and throughout the world. Angela is currently developing plans, storyboards and laying down vocals for songs included in e1t1's programs. Her personal interest in the origins of mankind, prehistoric civilizations and myths serve as the basis for many of the visual concepts used in content for current projects. It is through these visuals that she intends to suggest our common origins and the oneness of all things as a measure against division, prejudice and hatred.